Stop Just Wearing Your Clothes…Style Them! How to Elevate Your Fall Outfits Everyday

Elevate Your Outfits

Are you simply wearing your clothes or are you styling your clothes? Stop just throwing on whatever you have in your closet every day without taking the time to put some thought into the seemingly small details. The small styling tweaks are what make the difference and add polish and sophistication to your outfits! In this post and corresponding video, I’m taking 5 classic fall outfit formulas and showing you how to quickly and simply elevate them…

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Fall Outfit Combo | Elevate Your Outfits

Fall Outfit Combo #1) Jeans & Tee

Jeans and a tee are a go-to fall outfit for most women. In this look, I’m wearing a basic white v-neck tee by ATM, some dark wash, almost black cropped jeans by Mother (that I own in multiple washes), and I threw on some sneakers that usually sit by the door and are the last thing I put on when I’m in a rush and headed out. Now let’s elevate…

Tuck & Add a Belt

I tucked the tee into my jeans. It’s paper thin so it doesn’t add bulk around the tummy. Then I added a black waist belt. This one is by Valentino but you could wear whatever black belt you already have in your closet.

How to Elevate Your Outfits for Fall

Add a 3rd Layer

Next, I threw on a Veronica Beard dickey blazer with a dickey already zipped in. If you have a dickey blazer, I recommend having your favorite dickey zipped in already so you can save yourself some time. If you don’t have a dickey blazer, that’s fine! You can add pretty much any 3rd layer to elevate your fall outfits like a regular blazer, cargo jacket, leather jacket, etc.

Swap The Shoes

Instead of sneakers, I threw on some black Schutz booties that bring the look up a notch. They have a pointed toe so they elongate the legs and add some sophistication. These boots have a side zip that makes them easy to get on, therefore saving you time!

monica vinder nura choker necklace monica vinader flow large hoop earrings
riva diamond pre-stacked stacked ring monica vinader riva diamond hoop ring

monica vinader nura reef wide bangle

Add Jewelry

Adding a few pieces of jewelry can make a HUGE impact. I added a few new Monica Vinader pieces to my jewelry collection, and you’ll see them throughout this post and corresponding video. My necklace is the Nura Choker Necklace and I love that it’s impactful but will work with whatever other jewelry you’re throwing on. It’s adjustable too so if you don’t like the feel of a choker, you can make it longer.

My earrings are the Flow Large Hoop Earrings that have this internal circle that gives them some extra design and interest. The bracelet is the Nura Reef Wide Bangle and it’s such a good, basic bracelet that you can mix and match with your other jewelry. It comes in small, medium, and large, which is great because sometimes bangles can be too big on my wrists. I got the small and it’s perfect, wearable, elegant, and feels so nice. It’s also super easy to get on and off with a simple hinge clasp.

I have on two Monica Vinader rings. One is the Riva Diamond Hoop Ring that I’ve owned for years and wear pretty much every day. The second is my new addition, the Riva Diamond Pre-Stacked Ring. I love the pre-stacked look and that it’s a mix of gold and pave diamonds. Another thing I love about all Monica Vinader jewelry is that it’s all 18-k gold vermeil plated, which is very high-quality, it doesn’t tarnish, and it lasts forever.

By the way, you can use code EBUSBEE20 for 20% off these Monica Vinader pieces!


quilted black chanel 19 flap bag | How to Elevate Your Outfits

Add A Handbag

This can sometimes be a bit of a throwaway for some women. Instead of strategically picking a classic, beautiful bag, we just grab whatever’s by the door or already has our stuff in it. Instead of throwing that beat-up tote over your shoulder, consider using a bag that’s high-quality, looks luxe, and that you can wear every single day. I have on a Chanel bag but you do NOT have to go this high-end. There are tons of beautiful, affordable bags out there that will work seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Another tip: If you like to swap out your handbags often, consider keeping the essentials in a small card case or wallet so all you have to transfer is your small wall, phone, keys, sunglasses, and lipstick to save time.

Sweater & Jeans fall outfit combo

Fall Outfit Combo #2) Sweater & Jeans

The next classic fall outfit combo is a sweater and jeans…anyone else basically wear this every day? In this look, I’m wearing a black chunky cable knit Free People sweater with some wide-leg, dark wash jeans and some running shoes. There’s nothing wrong with this look at all…but we can make it better!

wide leg mother hustler jeans

Swap The Shoes

You’ll notice that a lot of the changes I make to each look are very similar, which is by design. I want you to recognize the patterns and see just how simple these changes are so that you can start implementing them into your getting-ready routine.

Instead of the running shoes, I swapped them for a pair of lug sole booties by Steve Madden that are super lightweight, comfortable, and easy to get on and off. These booties are still very casual and wearable but a little more elevated than your everyday running sneakers.

Add Accessories

Next, I added a scarf, hat, and sunglasses! This scarf by AllSaints has pretty white, gray, and black tones that make this a super versatile accessory. If you’re unsure how to tie your scarf, I did a helpful tutorial here. My hat is a black and gray felt hat that’s super high-quality and really brings the look to the next level. If you’re not a hat person, you can definitely skip the hat too! Then, I added a pair of sporty sunglasses by Quay that are affordable and just a nice extra touch. Lastly, I have on the same Chanel crossbody to complete the look.

If you have more questions about wearing hats, including how to wear your hair, when to take it off, etc. check out this post next! I also talk more about it in this corresponding video.


How to Elevate Your Outfits this Fall

Add Jewelry

Finally, I added all of the same Monica Vinader pieces I shared in the first outfit to add some impact and polish to this look. By the way, if you’re unsure what jewelry, shoes, or accessories you need in your closet, we have a $37 mini-course that covers all the accessory basics you need in your closet. You can check that out here.

Black Trousers & Sweater Tank

Fall Outfit Combo #3) Black Trousers & Sweater Tank

Now I want to share a few options for those of you who work in an office! I’m wearing a pair of black wide-leg trousers by Treasure & Bond with a super lightweight sleeveless sweater by Paige and some chunky boots.

Swap The Shoes

In this case, these lug-sole boots really bring the outfit down. I have these on because they are the boots you probably have sitting by the door during the fall/winter that you throw on if the weather’s a little dicey. It is totally fine if you throw these on…but if you want to elevate the look, go with something like these slingback heels by Reiss. They’re a much more refined and elegant option. I also love the lower heel, adjustable slingback strap, and interesting mesh details.

Tip: You can always wear the boots on your way to work and pull the slingbacks out of your back to put them on when you get to work.

Black Trousers & Sweater Tank fall outfit

Add a 3rd Layer

Next, I threw on a black Open Edit longline cardigan. It not only adds arm coverage but elongates my frame even more…super flattering! You could also add a blazer to make this really work-friendly. If you want to see 3 other ways I styled this cardigan, make sure you check out this post next!

How to Elevate Your Outfits

Add Accessories

To add some waist definition and extend the waistband to make my legs look longer, I added a thick black belt right over the waistband. I’m wearing the same black crossbody but you could go with your favorite structured work tote too. Then I completed the look with some oversized sunglasses.

Trousers & Button-Down Shirt | How to Elevate Your Outfits

Fall Outfit Combo #4) Trousers & Button-Down Shirt

In this look, I’m wearing a pair of classic tan trousers by Favorite Daughter with a silky ivory button-down blouse and some cap-toe shoes with a small heel. These trousers are AMAZING. They come in petite length and the fit is great! The camel and ivory color combination in this outfit is really beautiful and again, nothing is wrong with the “before” photo. But how can we take it up a notch and look more stylish??

Trousers & Button-Down Shirt with vest

Unbutton & Tuck

First, I unbuttoned the button-down shirt to create a v-neckline and really highlight the necklace. Then I tucked the top into my pants to highlight the waist. This blouse is very lightweight, so it doesn’t add any bulk when tucked in.

Add A Vest or Belt

Then, I added a very on-trend vest that’s a really cool addition to the look. It’s more fitted so it really creates shape and waist definition. But if this is out of your comfort zone or you don’t have a vest, adding a belt will do the trick for adding that same waist definition.

tan reiss blazer

Add A 3rd Layer

Over the vest, I put on a textured, tailored Reiss blazer in a darker brown tone. I popped the collar of my blouse over the blazer for an extra, intentional styling detail. I wanted to show you how beautifully all of the brown tones work together. You could also get a blazer that exactly matches your trousers but sometimes it’s fun to create your own suit like this, add some depth to a look, and mix these pretty tones!

wearing your clothes versus styling your outfits

Swap The Shoes

Next, I wanted to add more length to my legs, so I swapped the cap-toe shoes for a pair of mules by Malone Souliers. These shoes are in the same tan color family as the pants, so they make my legs look much longer.

how to style your outfits

Add Accessories

I’m carrying a beige Celine bag that’s a wonderful, high-quality investment piece but you can wear whatever tote bag works best from your closet with this outfit. Then I added some fun, round sunglasses to keep the neutral look going and add some glam. And of course…don’t forget to add your jewelry too!

By the way, if you’re looking for more ways to style these pants, make sure you check out this post next!

Black Dress fall outfit

Fall Outfit Combo #5) Black Dress

A little black dress is a go-to outfit for a lot of women! This LBD by Steve Madden is very affordable, silky, and lightweight. I love that it has a flattering sash that really nips in at the waist. The length of the dress is perfect, it has comfortable roomy short sleeves, and a button-front so you can open it up to create that faltering v-neckline. On my feet, I have on a pair of nude flats I bought while we were living in Spain. Here’s how we’re going to elevate this…

For more ways to wear your LBD this fall/winter, check out this post next!

dior wide belt | How to Elevate Your Outfits

Add a Belt

This dress already has wonderful waist definition because of the tie-waist sash but I wanted to add even more! I tied the sash once and then tucked it into the buttonhole before adding the thick black belt. Since this fabric is so lightweight and thin, it doesn’t add any bulk.

steve madden faux leather cropped blazer

Add a 3rd Layer

Over the dress, I’m wearing an ivory faux leather blazer by Steve Madden. The cropped length of this blazer adds even more waist definition! I also popped the collar of the dress over the blazer to add some edge and I love the way it looks.

How to Elevate Your Outfits

Swap The Shoes

Instead of the rounded-toe flats, I threw on a pair of pointed-toe slingbacks that are sleek and sophisticated. They also help elongate my legs!

monica vinader jewelry

Fall gold accessories monica vinader jewelry | How to Elevate Your Outfits

Add Jewelry

Once again…do not forget that jewelry! Whether you add some of these Monica Vinader pieces or style your looks with what you have in your closet, make sure you’re creating impact without overpowering your outfit. And don’t forget that we have a $37 mini-course that covers all the accessories and jewelry basics you need in your closet. You can check that out here.

Which of these looks are you going to try to recreate? Do you have any other questions about styling your clothes versus just wearing your clothes? Let us know in the comments below!

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