Tips for A Healthier Year & 2 New Activewear Sets to Motivate YOUR Wellness Journey

A New Way of Thinking

This is the time of the year when we normally set big, yet often, lofty goals that are nearly impossible to keep…especially when it comes to wellness.  Maybe you are committing to working out 5 times a week, cutting out sugar completely or eating a strictly plant-based diet? Don’t get me wrong, these are excellent goals. The problem is… at least in my case… they are hard to keep! And, when I break my resolutions, that’s when the guilt, shame and self-loathing start creeping in. It’s a dysfunctional cycle and I, for one, am done!

Now, instead of setting resolutions or “rules,” I try to listen to what my heart, mind and body are telling me. This is a much more feminine approach, which kinda goes against everything we’ve been taught and trained to believe as part of the ‘hustle’ culture. While the more masculine, disciplined approach is definitely effective (it worked for me for decades) it also can lead to burn out and dread, which, in turn, will probably mean quitting at some point.

So what does listening to your mind, body and heart look like? Every day I choose to do small things that make me feel healthy and energized, that can include eating a delicious green smoothie packed with veggies, meditating and journaling, dancing while cooking, singing in the car, sweating it out in my sauna blanket, walking the dog, etc. It means slowing down, resting and playing more too.

Below I’m sharing a few tips (and some chic activewear) to help you set the best, most realistic and heart-led goals/resolutions/intentions for YOU in 2023!

I recently shared more about my new outlook on my new diet/exercise/wellness journey in this video. Plus, you can find an update on my menopause journey here.

Erin meditating

Tips for a Healthier Year

Being “healthy” doesn’t mean being at your slimmest or thinnest anymore. Being physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy are all equally important. Here are a few tips that might help spark a healthier lifestyle:

For A Healthy Mind

  • Truly accept and love yourself – This is easier said than done, believe me. Make sure you watch this video if it’s something you’re struggling with.
  • Practice gratitude – Appreciate even the littlest things. We recently shared the benefits of gratitude here.
  • Live in the moment – Try to stop thinking about your mile-long to-do list, and take time to appreciate the present moment.
  • Try a new hobby – Trying new things is a great way to have a healthier, more expansive mind.
  • Learn! – I love to learn! I’m constantly listening to podcasts, taking courses, reading, etc. Learning can spark creativity too!
  • Surround yourself with positive people – We talked about the importance of who you spend your time with here.
  • Meditate – Even 1 minute of meditation a day can make a huge difference! You can try apps like Calm, Headspace, or Insight Timer. It can also be as simple as closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and listening to your thoughts.

Tips for A Healthier Year

For A Healthy Body

  • Reframe what “exercise” means to you – Instead of berating yourself over the exercise you do or do not have time to do each day, start focusing on moving your body in a way that feels great. Take the dog on a walk, dance around while you’re cleaning, or do a 10-minute yoga session. Think in terms of feeling good rather than “have to’s”
  • Try a new workout program – If working out is your jam but you’re not liking your current routine, try something new. Go to a new yoga class or try pilates.
  • Eat well – Focus on eating foods that nourish your body and help you feel energized. But don’t beat yourself up about the sweets you love to eat too. Watching your alcohol consumption will also help.
  • Drink water – Drinking more water and watching your alcohol consumption makes a HUGE difference for your body, skin, brain…and energy!
  • Sleep well – This one is a no-brainer! Women require more sleep than men in general so don’t compare yourself to your boyfriend, partner or spouse.
  • Make it fun – Ask a friend to go with you to a new barre class you want to try…it makes it more fun and exciting. Or if you’re more of a solo fitness person, try a new workout outfit to get you excited for your next session! For me, a new activewear outfit helps too!

I’m sharing two new workout looks below if you need a little extra motivation for your next workout…


tips for a healthy mind

how to be healthy beyond yoga workout set | Tips for A Healthier Year

Navy Workout Set

Beyond Yoga is one of my favorite activewear brands. All of their pieces are high-quality, wash and wear well, and they’re super cute! The best thing about Beyond Yoga is the fabric. While many activewear brands make silky, very structured pieces, throwing on a Beyond Yoga set feels like you’re wearing a secure, yet cozy blanket. It’s so soft and cozy. This sexy set is the newest addition to my activewear collection. The metallic, celestial print, mixed with the dark navy looks really cool. You could wear this set to a high-intensity workout, a relaxing yoga class, or just hanging out at home.


I prefer a pair of leggings that 1) don’t slide down during a workout, 2) feel like they’re holding everything in, and 3) are soft and comfortable. These leggings check all the boxes! I love how high-waisted they are…they come up so high that, combined with the matching tank, the set doesn’t show any skin at all. It’s a very slimming set, super lightweight, and SO comfortable. I actually really love exercising in this set! It’s also comfy enough for meditation and lounging. These leggings keep going in and out of stock so if you don’t see your size, these navy leggings will pair perfectly with the matching tank (below).

beyond yoga workout outfit | Tips for A Healthier Year


I have a few of these Beyond Yoga tanks and love how comfortable and secure I feel working out in them. It has a higher neckline, so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions during a workout. And, it’s comfortable enough to wear when you’re not working out.

fitness tips

winter workout wardrobe

sweaty betty faux shearling pullover

Faux Shearling Pullover

Shearling and faux shearling is really having a moment right now. This cute Sweaty Betty 3/4 zip pullover is the perfect piece to throw over the tank or sports bra before and after your workout. If you have to run an errand or pick the kids up from school, but don’t have time to change, having this pullover will give you more coverage and make you look pulled together. It’s super soft, cozy, warm, and comes in three other colors.

on cloud running shoes on cloud shoes | Tips for A Healthier Year


I’ve loved the ON sneakers since the first moment I tried them on (and now I own 3 pairs!). They’re supportive, lightweight, and next-level comfortable. These are cute AND functional. My favorite combination. They run true to size.

beyond yoga athleisure beyond yoga leggings

Colorblock Workout Set

This is another Beyond Yoga set that’s super high-quality, comfortable, and cute! I love the criss-cross detail on the leggings and the length is perfect (I’m 5’4″ for reference). Plus, the color blocking is super flattering.
The sports bra has the same flattering color blocking and comfortable fit. Since it’s a sports bra and not a tank, it doesn’t go down as low so you will show some skin, which is a consideration. This bra is meant more for low-impact workouts like yoga, Pilates, and barre. For more high-intensity workouts, I’d opt for something more supportive.

Sizing Info: I’m wearing a small in all pieces and they run true to size. Order your normal size.


Cibolo Creek Ranch

Shoot Location

By the way, this gorgeous shoot location is called Cibolo Creek Ranch, it’s a 30,000-acre ranch in West Texas where Chris and I got married. You can read more about that experience in this post.

Are you listening to your heart, mind and body when it comes to wellness? Share one thing that you’ve done recently that felt fully aligned. By sharing, you will give other women beautiful ideas.

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