A Complete Oura Ring Review – Is It Worth It?

We all know that sleep is important, but many of us still don’t get enough. There are so many demands put on women that prevent us from making our sleep a priority. Some of us are busy with our careers, raising children, taking care of aging parents, tending to pets, or running a household, and many of us are doing a combination of all of those things. We also live in a culture that rewards those who don’t sleep. We all remember the old adage…I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Luckily that perception is starting to change as a new generation is starting to age. More and more, people are taking their health more seriously and with that, reexamining the need for quality sleep.

The list of benefits to our bodies and minds from consistent restful sleep is far too many to mention, but some of the key benefits include, lower risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression, better memory and decision-making skills, a boosted immune system, you become less emotionally reactive, and benefit from an overall better performance in day-to-day life, and SO many more!

Now that we know some of the benefits sleep can provide… how do we know if we are getting enough quality sleep? There are lots of different sleep-tracking apps and devices hitting the market promising to track the amount and the quality of your sleep to give you a more accurate picture of what is happening when you are sleeping. They say knowledge is power and that is exactly what these products promise…knowledge!

One of the most talked about sleep and activity tracking devices is the Oura Ring. We wanted to find out if wearing this ring and understanding the data that it provides was beneficial, so we decided to put it to the test to let you know if we think it is or is not worth the investment!

Quality sleep is one of the daily habits we all NEED. For 10 other habits to look and feel youthful over 40, check out this post next!

A Complete Oura Ring Review - Is It Worth It?
Photo Credit: Oura

Oura Ring Review

It’s hard to scroll on social media without seeing ads and sponsored content promoting the Oura ring. That’s how our YouTube co-producer, Denise, first became aware of this device. Over the past 8 months, she has been on a health journey that has included eating a more whole food-centered diet as well as making sure she gets some movement each day either through a traditional workout or by simply taking a walk. She’s also been focusing on my mental health by journaling & taking time for herself each day. It was a natural progression to commit to a healthier sleep schedule and she decided to use the Oura ring as a way to kick-start that goal and measure her progress.

What Is An Oura Ring

An Oura ring is just what it sounds like…it’s a piece of jewelry that you wear 24/7 to monitor a variety of health metrics. Oura states that taking these metrics from the finger is more accurate than other areas such as the wrist, which is how the Apple Watch gathers data. You view all your data on your mobile device through their app or on their website. Doctors and other health professionals often say that knowledge is power and that is what this ring provides you with as a user…data, by which decisions and actions can be taken to improve your overall health.

A Complete Oura Ring Review - Is It Worth It?
Photo Credit: Oura

What Does The Oura Ring Do

Measures Sleep Tracking including…
  • Sleep Score
  • Total Time
  • Time Spent Awake, in REM, in Light Sleep, & in Deep Sleep
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Sleep Latency (the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep)
  • Sleep Timing (the consistency or inconsistency of your bedtime)
  • Readiness Score (how ready you are to take on your day based on your sleep)
  • Optimal Bedtime (based on data collected over time)
Measures Heart Rate including…
  • Range During Sleep
  • Range During Workouts
  • Resting Heart Rate
Measures Body Temperature (measured in tenths of a degree)
  • A sudden rise can indicate that you are on the verge of getting sick
  • Temperature patterns can help predict your menstrual cycle
Activity Tracking
  • Active Calorie Burn
  • Total Calorie Burn
  • Inactive Time
  • Steps
  • Recovery Time
  • Training Frequency
  • Movement each hour
  • Activity Score
  • Readiness Score
Vital Signs Tracking
  • Measures Respiratory Rate – Monitors the number of breaths per minute as you sleep and during activity.
  • Measures Average Blood Oxygen Levels
oura ring features
Photo Credit: Oura

  Oura Ring Features

Sleep Tracking, Sleep Score, & Readiness Score

The sleep tracking feature is what the Oura ring is really known for and what sets it apart from other tracking devices. By simply wearing the ring on your finger as you sleep you will be able to access all your data points in the morning when you wake up. Over time you will also be able to see trends develop. This information is important for two main reasons…

1) The quality, depth, and quantity of sleep coupled with your activity from the previous day allows the Oura app to provide you with a “Readiness Score” each morning. Based on your readiness score, you may decide that it is a good day to take it a bit easier (if your score is low), or a good day to push it and crush your day!
2) it allows you to make adjustments based on your metrics. By knowing how well and how long you are sleeping, you can start to make the necessary lifestyle choices to increase the quality/quantity of your sleep.

Activity Tracking & Activity Score

The Oura ring also tracks activity much like a Fitbit or Apple Watch does. You can set a daily goal and the app will track your progress to your goal in real time. The Oura ring is compatible with the Apple Health App as well as other popular health apps. The activity tracker monitors active calorie burn, total calorie burn, inactive time, steps, and heart rate to give you a complete view of your daily activity. These metrics are helpful for anyone that is trying to monitor their activity, but especially for those on a weight loss or maintenance journey.

Oura App Content

We have already discussed how the Oura app provides your personal activity and sleep metrics, however, it also provides users with exclusive content. There is a selection of meditations and guided breathing sessions available for those who are looking for a bit of mindfulness and relaxation throughout the day. One section that Denise found particularly helpful is the sleep meditations. These last between 15 and 30 minutes and are perfect for those nights when you struggle to fall asleep. Denise shared that the meditations are so good that she’s never made it to the end of one of them while still awake!

sleep tracking ring
Photo Credit: Oura

Is the Oura Ring Worth It?

Denise Said: After wearing the Oura ring daily for almost 4 months, I have become much more aware of my sleep patterns. While I still stay up too late occasionally, I can see from the data how that affects me the next day, and am now making a conscious effort to wind down a bit earlier in the evenings. I have also noticed specific patterns in the quality of my sleep that have led me to take action. Many nights, I find myself briefly awake between 3 and 4 am.

While I was aware of this, it was interesting to see that the quality of my sleep after this time was diminished. I have taken steps including changing the temperature of my bedroom to see if that helps keep me in a deeper sleep throughout the early morning hours. And… it has! I am getting more hours of “deep sleep” and “REM sleep” and reducing the hours I spend in “light sleep”.  Armed with the knowledge that this tracker provides, I am able to actively work toward better sleep, which is why I think the Oura ring has been worth it for me!

Some of the other Pros for me include…
  • Durable Design – I have noticed very few scratches despite wearing it 24/7 for months.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Measures not only my activity for the day but makes me aware of my “inactive” time, which I am trying to reduce.
  • Makes me feel as though I am being proactive about my health and prioritizing my sleep.
  • The app is easy to navigate, and metrics are easy to view and understand.
  • Battery life is much longer than my Apple Watch which allows me to wear it overnight for multiple days without a charge. It can get wet (water resistant up to 100m/328 ft. ) but I usually charge it while I shower.


  • Cost – The ring has an upfront cost of between $299 & $499 depending on the finish that you choose. Plus there’s a monthly membership fee of $5.99, which is mandatory to use the ring and view metrics.
  • While the ring comes with a charger, additional chargers are expensive at $59 each and unfortunately, you can’t share them with your partner unless the ring sizes are the same.
  • Ring size doesn’t adjust which can cause issues if you experience big swings in your weight.
  • Some may find it uncomfortable.
  • While sleek in its design it is not ultra-fashionable looking.
  • The lightweight design is more comfortable but may feel a bit cheap to some.
oura ring sizing
Photo Credit: Oura

Oura Ring Sizing

Oura offers customers the option of ordering a ring by selecting the desired size at checkout or ordering a ring sizing kit at no additional cost prior to picking your ring size. I opted for the ring sizing kit, and I think everyone should do the same. Here’s why…

  • The ring sizing kit comes with 8 “mock” rings in sizes 6 through 13. Oura recommends that you wear the ring on your pointer finger, which is why the sizes start at a 6 (Although you can wear it on other fingers as well).
  • The “mock” rings that come in the sizing kit are the same design as the actual Oura ring but crafted out of a plastic material. You can wear these sizing rings for a few days to ensure that you select the correct size and that it is comfortable on your chosen finger.
  • If you are currently on a weight loss journey, consider buying the ring that fits your middle finger so that you can wear it on your pointer if it becomes too loose. If you initially buy it for your largest finger, it will be too big and useless if you lose weight.
  • I picked a different size than I originally thought I would need after testing out the different sizes in the ring sizing kit.

Where To Buy Oura Ring

You can purchase the Oura Ring directly through the Oura Ring website or find it at Best Buy. We’ve linked a few of the finishes for you to shop below if you’re interested.

Do you have an Oura ring? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or let us know if you have any additional questions!

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4 thoughts on “A Complete Oura Ring Review – Is It Worth It?

  1. I love my Oura ring. The first thing I do every day for a check my sleep metrics. I also use it to help determine when I need to recover from workouts.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! Glad to hear you love yours too! ~Team Busbee

  2. It’s an impressive technological marvel. I considered it because sleeping well is so important, but in the end, chose an Apple Watch that has an app to do all this and more. Principally because I am not attracted to the style of this ring currently. I hope they will make some in the future that are a bit more appealing, for the money. Still, any time we work on our sleep quality, we are helping ourselves. Great analysis, Erin.

    1. Very impressive! Loved reading all about Denise’s experience and how much of an impact it’s had on her own wellness journey. Thanks for reading, Liz! ~Team Busbee

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