Team Busbee Retreat Takeaways & 6 Easy Wellness Habits We’re Implementing Now

Easy Wellness Habits

Team Busbee embarked on our first team retreat in late September, and we’re so excited to share what we’ve learned. First, a little background…Team Busbee is now a group of SEVEN amazing women and most of us haven’t met in person. We work together daily so actually having the opportunity to meet was pretty special. But…getting to meet at the Miraval Resort in Tucson was EPIC! We laughed, we cried, we strategized, and we discussed YOU.

One of the biggest things we’ve discussed is how we’re going to share all of the amazing resources and information we learned at Miraval with you. We can all truly say that the retreat and our experiences changed us in impactful ways. And our hope is that by sharing our takeaways, stories, and new habits, we can inspire you to take small steps to better yourself, enact some self-care habits, or reexamine how you look at different aspects of your life. When you take care of yourself, you have more to give everyone around you.

Our mission is to inspire and help our amazing community of women 40+ to love themselves more and feel and look their best. With that mission in mind, Team Busbee is sharing our big (and small) takeaways from the trip below…

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Our Collective Takeaway

In between green smoothies, cardio drumming, hikes, and spa services we attended classes about thriving through transitions, tapping into intuition, and managing stress. We can’t thank Erin enough for this life-changing opportunity. If you asked us though, “What was the “one” takeaway we all seemed to benefit from most?” We’d have to say the importance of vulnerability in relationships…keeping it real, exposing our fears, concerns, and hopes. Being vulnerable takes strength. It also brought us all so much closer to each other. Seeking perfection is not only exhausting but also impossible, especially in the workplace. Vulnerable and honest relationships are the most rewarding by far and to have those kinds of relationships with our coworkers is a true gift.

Now for each of the takeaways and habits from Team Busbee members…

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Team Busbee

Alissa - Social Media Manager

It's all too easy for me to get carried away with my own mental checklist of things to do, and I often find myself feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the pressure of it all. The practice of "mindfulness" was highlighted at Miraval, and it's easily one of my biggest takeaways. Mindfulness is defined as simply bringing awareness and acceptance to our moment-to-moment experiences. To practice it, I have been focusing on being more mindful of my everyday experiences. Whether it's reflecting on everything I am grateful for as I cozy into bed at night, breathing in the fresh air outside as I notice the sights and sounds around me, or simply standing in my kitchen appreciating the smell of delicious homemade food with the sound of my kids' laughter echoing in the background. Taking the time to be more mindful has made such a difference in pulling me out of the grind and into the moment with a deeper appreciation for where I am.

Susan - Digital Content Editor

There were many poignant takeaways from the retreat, but if I had to choose just one it would be the importance of accepting transitions in life. As someone who really doesn’t love change, this is difficult for me. But recognizing transitions are inevitable and trying to find the positive in them has been eye-opening and has taught me to reframe my thoughts about change. This pretty much leads to the one habit I’m implementing fairly consistently (still a work in progress!) which involves rethinking my reaction to stress or anxiety…even if it’s something small. At Miraval, we learned that even small (seemingly relatively innocent) little stressors can together have a BIG impact in terms of our happiness and the negativity we carry around in a day. If I start to get anxious about something, I can control the feelings by doing one of these things: breathe/meditate for one minute, change my thinking pattern, listen to music, walk or move briskly. Basically, just change what I’m doing to temporarily step back and gain some perspective. I can ask myself, “Am I giving this “problem” more weight than it deserves?” Essentially, I’m distracting myself from the negativity and choosing to focus on something more positive. I’ve learned there is always something positive to focus on if I choose to find it! So, I try to catch myself before I go down the negative rabbit hole.

Denise – YouTube Co-Producer

Since returning from our team retreat at Miraval, I have been doing a deep dive into habits. Research has shown creating a new “small” habit often has a larger ripple effect in our lives, even more so than trying to implement a larger change. At Miraval, we attended a session that focused on brain health. One of the small takeaways from this session was that the body needs to be hydrated in order to function most efficiently. We have all heard this before…drinking 8 glasses of water a day is in no way new advice, but for some reason, something in this lecture gave me the motivation to try and shift from virtually zero glasses a day to the recommended amount of 8. I’m a diehard Diet Snapple, coffee, and Diet Lemonade girl! Upon returning home, I bought myself a new water bottle, started filling it each morning, and brought it up to my desk. Without even realizing it, I found myself emptying the 32 oz bottle 2 and sometimes 3 times per day. Within a week, the changes I felt (more moisturized skin, less hunger, a more settled stomach) were undeniable. The same research also shows that once you develop a habit, it is easy to “habit stack”. This means you can add on more habits to existing ones and that is exactly what I did. I have moved my vitamins and supplements to my desk which I now take daily because I have the water sitting right next to me. As an added bonus, I am also consuming a ton less artificial sweeteners and caffeine now that I am reaching for my water. If you’re interested in diving deeper into information about habits, I’m currently reading The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits, both linked below.
The Power of Habit
Atomic Habits

Joy – Virtual Assistant

While at Miraval, we took a class about intuitive living and one of the principles was to “Be Clueless” which just means that you should choose not to give too much power to the thinking mind. Instead, when you practice being clueless, you make peace a priority. You are naturally enhancing your senses and connecting to them. One habit I have adopted since the retreat is going outside each day after work and sitting in silence for 15 minutes. I set the timer on my phone, close my eyes, and just listen. Once I've heard 10-15 unique sounds, I then open my eyes and finish out the 15 minutes looking around but remaining silent. It's been a wonderful calming way to transition out of my work brain. And I’m giving more power to my senses than to my thinking mind.

Rachel – Community Manager

The Team Retreat was something I was looking forward to for months, yet as we got closer and closer to it, I began to feel nervous and unsure of what was to come - anxious feelings that I get with anything new, no matter how exciting it may be. Well, this retreat was, first of all… AMAZING. It was wonderful to be in a beautiful place, to get pampered, to meet and connect with the most amazing team of women, and to simply have a break from the craziness of everyday life… but the best part of it all was what I took home with me. During this short time, I was able to learn so many helpful practices that have truly changed my own well-being and ability to connect with the world around me. The overall theme of the Miraval journey is to focus on and implement mindfulness and balance. Before this week, I thought I was practicing this in my daily life…but boy was I wrong! One particular practice that I have loved adding to my routine, is that of Mindful Eating. The question was posed in a group session at Miraval, “Are you tasting your food or just your thoughts?” Often when I sit down to have a meal, I’ll look at my phone, try to get work done, watch a show, or simply try to eat as quickly as I can to get on to the next task of my day. Without ever thinking about the food I'm eating, only thinking about whatever else is going on inside of my head. But this practice allows you to slow down and truly enjoy. The simple act of placing your fork on the table in between bites forces you to physically move slower and gives you the space to focus on and savor the food that you are consuming. As soon as I heard this, I thought it would be an easy thing to add to my routine every day. Even better…Every single meal could be mindful and what a difference that could make! Well, reality sets in once you return home from a place like Miraval, and the to-do list comes right back. But we were reminded that even one Mindful Meal a week can make such a difference. And how true that has proven to be!

Kaitlyn - Digital Strategy Manager

I’m extremely hard on myself…Even when it’s pretty unwarranted. I think many women can relate to that. Deciding to skip a workout, not getting to everything on my to-do list for the day, or forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning are all simple (and usually inconsequential) things that make me start that negative inner monologue about not being “insert adjective here” enough. If this sounds familiar…you’re not alone! One of the tools I learned during our Mindful Stress Mastery class at Miraval is something I’ve started implementing and can already tell makes a difference. When that negative inner monologue starts, put your right hand over your chest or stomach and place your left hand on your forearm. When you do it, say “gentle” in your head or out loud as a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Touch is such a strong sense and when you give yourself that small reminder, it can make a huge impact.
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  1. Hi. I’ve been a fan for awhile—few years. I can’t help but notice that your team is all white in your team picture newsletter. I’m Asian. I’m a little disappointed, I have to admit, it became obvious that there is no diversity on your website. I searched for a few minutes even on your Instagram. Just thought I’d point it out. Thanks

    1. Thank you for reaching out, Lorena. We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts! There are many different forms of cultural diversity, and Team Busbee exhibits a considerable range. However, we look forward to continuing to expand on that diversity. ~Team Busbee

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