The Only 10 Back to School Essentials Your Kids Actually Need

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Back To School Essentials

The expression “time flies when you’re having fun” is even more potent over the summer months. Before we know it, kids everywhere are trading in their bathing suits for backpacks. Thanks to the pandemic, back to school shopping this year may look a little different from the past. But one thing is certain—as your child moves on to to the next grade, the right supplies will set them up for success.

Any seasoned mom knows that kids need loose-leaf paper, folders and pencils, so I’ll spare you those obvious details. Instead, I’ve rounded up a list of fun and sought-after school supplies to help every student hit the books in style. I’ve got in-class essentials with a fun twist, trendy kicks, hoodies and facemasks that are guaranteed to have the whole class ask, “Where’d you get that?” These are the only 10 back-to-school essentials your kids actually need, no matter how they’re learning this fall.

What are some cool back-to-school essentials your kids want, that you wish you’d had as a kid? Please share in the comments below!
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Coolest Pen Case

This roomy pencil case can hold everything they need, from their rainbow assortment of pens to their pads of sticky notes. It’s compact enough to fit in their backpack or desk, with 5 different colors to choose from.

The "IT" Backpack

Speaking of color choices, there are over 30 to choose from with these popular backpacks. Scandinavian design has long been known for offering practical, functional pieces that are beautiful, but meant to be used.

Protection is Key!

Trick out your student’s laptop with these unique, color-block cases. Constructed with water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon and a fully padded compartment, the main compartment is designed to fit any generation 15” MacBook laptop.

Power Up!

There are few things more nerve-wracking than calling your child’s phone and hearing it go directly to voicemail because it’s dead. Avoid the worry with this mini portable charger with high-speed charging capability for both iPhone and Android.

Ultimate Touch Screen Laptop

Now your student can conquer their homework from every angle. The compact, convertible Inspiron has a 14-inch touchscreen with a 360-degree hinge, so it can easily transform from a laptop to a tablet.

Blue Light Blockers

Your kid may have 20/20 vision, but these blue-light-blocking glasses help keep their eyes in tip-top shape while they’re staring at screens all day. They’re especially a must-have if your student is learning remotely.

Sneaker Love

I can’t remember one new school year where my kids weren’t begging me for new shoes. Since sneakers are more of a style statement these days than for gym class, having the latest trends are a no-brainer.

Let's Do Lunch

If your kids are anything like mine, for reasons unexplained, their lunch boxes seem to take a lot of abuse. This insulated, easy-to-clean lunchbox is durable and promises to stand up to the wear and tear of school days.

About Face

Since masks have become part of their school uniform in some schools, let your child choose which mask they’re in the mood for. This fun set of three contoured face masks come in additional styles for boys and girls.

Boys in the Hoodie

No cool-kid outfit is complete without a killer hoodie. Prehistoric bones meet recycled fibers in this breathable, colorful cotton sweatshirt. And who wouldn’t love the dinosaurs partying on the back?
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11 thoughts on “The Only 10 Back to School Essentials Your Kids Actually Need

  1. ERIN, The PICTUREs of your children are beautiful! My favorite is the one where Gage is holding his sister’s hand. Children grow up so fast and Go THEir separate ways. It’s so touching to see how well they care for each other .❤

    1. I think they get annoyed with each other, but they often play well together and Gage DEFINITELY looks out for his little sister. When someone was picking on her, he was constantly with her, protecting her. It’s really sweet. xoxo

  2. My absolute favorite is the closeup of bitty looking down. Also, both of them at a distance in the wildflower field & the one of gage alone looking at the camera. You do have beautiful children.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbie! I didn’t think about using the one at a distance, but it IS so beautiful, I should. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Love the fiRst picture, where the kids are far out. Beautiful picTuRe!! If YOU’RE looking for closer, i also reAlly like Elizabeth throwing back her head to laugh 🙂

    1. I was making the craziest face at her which elicited that belly laugh. Love that picture too!! And great idea framing the long shot too!!

  4. Erin, your kids are so sweet and beautIful!!
    Wow, sUch a Pretty fIeld of flowers too, I’ve never seen wild FLOWERS LIKE THAT.
    You tRavel often, is the spot in Colorado?

  5. This images are incredible! Gage and Bitty are growing like wildflowers. And that gage, what perfect ig model poses. Bitty and her handful, I think of her as one with her tenacious fashion sense. and gage pondering what’s to come, and an intense focus and appreciation of the flora. Those pictures are definitely framers. they are book covers actually. Sorry I missed the point of the post, I was gobsmacked. ; )

    1. Bunnie… thank you so much for the sweet comment!!

      Gage is such a pensive little dude. From the time he was a toddler, he was very aware of emotions and other people’s feelings. Bitty is hilarious and loves to make us laugh. She also loves fashion. Her version is so cool. Always layered, funky and fun!

  6. You have such beautiful children..they look just like their grandmother!????

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