12 Life-Changing Home Gadgets You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without!

Press The Easy Button!

Are you a gadget person? To be honest, I’m really not. In fact, I often find gadgets to be pretty useless. And then they end up in the gadget graveyard next to the shake weight or strawberry huller because even if they work, it’s a bother to find and use them! But you know when you find that perfect little item that really does save you time? And you think, “Wow, how did I live without this for so long??” Well, that’s what this post is all about. I want to tell you all about each of these 12, best home gadgets and why they might make your life easier. And who doesn’t need to hit the easy button more often? Keep scrolling to the end because I saved my favorite for last and it’s under $10!

Speaking of easy…if your home is looking a bit dated and you’re looking for some simple (and budget-friendly) ways to update it, you should give this post a read!

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Best Home Gadgets

Is there a home gadget or tool you love and use on the regular? Please share in the comments. I’d LOVE to hear about it!
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Cordless Wonder

I wasn't sure how often I'd use this at first, but it's pretty much nearly a daily love affair. This tiny hand-held, cordless vacuum is a lifesaver in the kitchen. It's perfect for little spills, crumbs, your keyboard or even your car. Am I the only one that always has those little crumbs in my silverware drawer? This handy hoover has great suction and helps you clean out those little nooks and crannies. Also great for screen doors and tracks!

Mini Storage

If you have little items that get lost or misplaced in your cabinets, pantry or fridge, this little miracle drawer attaches via adhesive (included) and keeps everything organized and tidy. Perfect for spice packets, coffee pods, small snacks or utensils in the kitchen but it's also handy in your bathroom or the garage too!

It's In The Bag

When I first saw this ziplock organizer I knew I had to have it. For whatever reason, the depth of my kitchen drawer just seems to be too shallow for most ziplock boxes so they get chewed up each time I pull open the drawer. This looks good and serves a purpose. Plus it's easier to see when your stock is getting low.

Sugar Bear

If you like to bake, this terracotta bear will keep your brown sugar nice and soft instead of hard and clumpy! You just soak it in water for about 20 minutes and then pop it into your brown sugar bag or canister. This is a set of 2 so you'll also have one for keeping dried fruit, baked goods and marshmallows from getting hard too. You can also use one dry for keeping crackers and chips crispy. It works!

Happy Hooks

I know it's hard to think of hooks as "life-changing", but...These modern, suction cup hooks stick to hard surfaces like tile or glass in your shower or kitchen and they STAY put. Perfect for your towels, luffa sponge, etc. And, they are waterproof and rustproof too. I've had the same hooks in our shower now for over a year and they are still holding strong (literally). They come in 6 finishes.

Wait, What?

Do you have random or unsightly cords in places you wish you didn't? This is one thing that drives me nuts. This handy outlet concealer plugs into the wall, covers the socket and then the attached power strip allows you to keep all the cords out of sight and hidden. It's great for mounted TVs, computer/electronics under your desk or even in the kitchen for hiding appliance cords. Also great for child safety!


Simple. Easy. Inexpensive. These little cable clips keep your laptop and cell phone cords accessible and tidy. Clip one to your desk or nightstand so the cords aren't messy AND they stay put instead of falling behind your furniture when not in use. Genius!

Shut The Front Door, Or Don't

This is another super handy little nicety to have in lieu of a clunky doorstop. The two magnetic pieces, one for the back of the door and one for the wall, fit together VERY securely. I use this to keep the garage door open when I unload groceries but also when we have the windows open and it's breezy in our bedroom. Beats those ugly brown rubber stoppers that never stay put!

Air-Fryer Mess Be Gone

If you don't have an air fryer, just skip ahead to #10! If you do, and you use a lot of parchment paper to keep your fryer mess-free, this reusable silicone pot is an awesome alternative. Pretty much seems like a no-brainer since it's easier to clean than the air fryer drawer itself. This one comes in 3 sizes.

Must Have

This item really doesn't need much explanation. It's compact, organizes your batteries, AND comes with a tester so you can check to see if those AAs rolling around in your drawer are new, newish or super old.

2 In 1

I don't own this, but for anyone that has limited counter space in their kitchen, or just needs an appliance update, you'll love this 2-in-1 toaster/toaster oven. Standing upright it's ready for slices of toast or bagels...but then flip it over on its side and viola, it's a toaster oven. Pretty cool, right? Best 2 in 2 appliances I've seen in quite some time!

No More Stains

Have you ever gotten dressed wearing your favorite t-shirt or dress and then you look down to see white streaks across the front or under the armpit area from your deodorant? Or stains from sunscreen or loose powder? It's so hard to remove those tricky stains and rubbing them with a wet cloth only seems to make it worse. This reusable sponge erases the white streaks just like that. I've had mine for over a decade and it's magic!

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