My Honest Review of Boll & Branch Bedding. Is It Really THAT Good?

Good Night!

For me, a good night’s sleep is pretty high up there when it comes to priorities. Getting enough Z’s has a significant impact on how I feel each day, energy levels, my willingness to exercise, and my “adulting” capabilities! And, I think great bedding is an important piece of the sleeping puzzle. When I was out with a friend recently, she was raving about her sheets…specifically her Boll & Branch sheets. Her eyes actually lit up when she talked about them. 😍 For me, when it comes to exciting purchases, I have to admit bedding isn’t at the top of my list. It’s definitely above cleaning supplies, but several steps below new shoes. BUT, given my friends’ glowing recommendation, I decided to give the Boll & Branch sheets a try. Here’s my honest review and why they are (yep!) pretty darn amazing…

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What Makes A Great Sheet Set?

I decided to order their best-selling, Signature Hemmed Sheet Set in pewter. The set comes in 10 pretty colors, including white. There are 3 different cotton fabric options to choose from for their sheets and multiple colors and patterns. They also have duvet covers and quilt sets, blankets, and bedding bundles. There are 4 things I look for when it comes to great sheets.

  • Do they wrinkle easily?
  • Is the fitted sheet pocket deep and will it stay put around the mattress?
  • Do they feel luxe?
  • Will they keep me cool while I sleep?

review of Boll & Branch bedding

#1) No Wrinkles

These sheets look and feel amazing! And, they do not wrinkle fresh out of the dryer. Not sure why wrinkles are such a pet peeve of mine, but I love the look of a fresh, crisp sheet. These foot the bill. They are made of 100% organic cotton. I’ve already washed them a few times, and they actually get softer with each wash. There is a slight sheen to the cotton that makes them silky to the touch.

#2) Deep Pockets

If you have a deep mattress the pockets on the fitted sheet are generous and definitely fit the bed with no issues and no late-night slippage. I’m really happy about that!

#3) Hotel Like Bedding

As I mentioned, the sheets did get softer with each wash. The cotton is buttery soft and breathable yet crisp like a nice white (or gray) button-down. You know that feeling when you dive into a bed at a luxurious hotel? That’s how these feel – very luxe! They also drape beautifully on our bed. I’ve had them for about a month so I can’t really speak to their long-term durability, but so far so good, and the online reviews are all very positive.

#4) Cool Nights’ Sleep

Last month when I was testing these out here in Southern CA, we had temps in the low 90s AND the low 50s. So, there was a range of very warm nights (AC blasting) and cool nights (extra blankets). I have been struggling with night sweats and while I can’t say these sheets “cured” this problem, they absolutely felt cool and comfortable. They were noticeably more luxurious than my other sheet sets. I’m planning to purchase a white set to keep in rotation!

boll and branch sheets, review of Boll & Branch bedding

More To Love

As an added bonus…all Boll & Branch products are ethically made. Their cotton is grown through natural processes, sourced from family farms, and is free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Companies that prioritize the environment in their production are a definite bonus in my book. Also, the packaging is really elegant. Like a gift for yourself! And, they are pet approved, apparently…

Shop more Boll & Branch sheets, bedding and towels. I might have to try the towels next!

Are there any other HOME product reviews you might like me to try? I love ALL things home and I’m happy to test-drive products for you, so please leave me a note in the comments!
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Happy sleeping!

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  1. I was wondering if you happen to know the thread count and does thread count really even matter nowadays?

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for your note – great question! Thread count is no longer the preferred metric used to determine sheet quality. It can be an indicator of high-quality, but not always. It’s more about the type of fabric so organic cotton or Egyptian cotton are superior. B&B does not list thread count on their website but their sheets are made of organic cotton. Hope that helps!! Have an amazing week. – Susan

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