Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Throw Pillows!?

Why are there so many darn pillows on the bed!?” 

Who has heard that exact question from their significant other?? I know I have! It’s a long-standing argument between many couples…how many throw pillows are too many!? I will say that I’m not the kind of person that loves to have a TON of pillows on the bed. But I definitely appreciate the aesthetic and comfort that multiple pillows bring to our bed and living space.

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How Many Throw Pillows should you have on a bed, how many throw pillows are too many in modern mountain bedroom in Telluride, Colorado

Pros & Cons Of Throw Pillows

Pros: They’re comfortable, make a space more inviting, add to the décor/aesthetic of the space
Cons: They’re impractical, take up a lot of space, and you have nowhere to put them when you actually go to sleep

How Many Throw Pillows should you have on a bed, how many throw pillows are too many in modern mountain bedroom in Telluride, Colorado

Number of Pillows

The correct number of pillows to include on your bed is different depending on who you ask or what you read. Some say three, some say six, some say 10. Which means it really is a personal preference. It also depends on how big your bed is. From a design standpoint, I personally think that no more than eight pillows are best. Eight or less won’t take over the bed, looks great, and has a nice symmetry.

blue navy and white throw pillows arranged styled on top of king bed, how many throw pillows should you have on your bed

Our Bed’s Throw Pillows

Not including the pillows we actually sleep on, we have 5 pillows on the bed. We have the three euro shams that match our bedding, a square printed pillow, and a smaller lumbar pillow. I linked what’s available below. I also linked a few other favorites that I have in our living room on the couches. One of my favorite brands for glam, unique pillows is Cloud 9 Design.

How many throw pillows do you keep on your bed or couch? Does your significant other complain about them!? I would love to hear your thoughts and funny stories in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Throw Pillows!?

  1. *raises hand* yes! Why do men hate pillows And is it on the same chromosome as the glitter AVERsion? I had to Talk myself down from buying a big euro pillow at target the other day (and it was on clearance!) And I am having TOTAL non-buyer’s remorse. I may have to go back… I do think 8 is a lot for a bed, but pillows for The couch are my weakness. The Right pillow can tie everything Together! My husband does not get this, but he humors me.

    1. Mine is the same… it’s like he gets angry at the pillows. Before bed he sometimes chucks them on the floor. And then, I’m like… no!! Don’t do that!! Pillows are the best!!

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