How To Dress A Triangle Body Shape

If you’re reading this post, hopefully, you’ve already read my post on how to determine your body shape with measurements and found out you’re a triangle body shape! This is also commonly referred to as the pear body shape. What it means is that your hip measurement is larger than your bust and shoulder measurements. Find some helpful tips on how to dress a triangle body shape below…

how to dress a triangle body shape, Erin Busbee of Busbee sharing styling tips for a trangle body shape

Dressing Your Triangle Body Shape

One thing I find super helpful is creating a Pinterest board with other women and celebrities with my body shape so that I can reference it for outfit ideas and how they style the same body shape! For celebrities with a triangle body shape, I recommend Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce! Now to the tips…Most of us want to look balanced and visually proportionate. If that’s what you’re looking to do, here’s how…simply put, minimize your lower half, and maximize the upper body. You’re thinking, “OK Erin, but how!?”

Lower Body:

Wear Dark Colors
Vertical Stripes
Full, Flared & A-Line Skirts and Dresses
Bootcut, Flared & Wide-Leg Pants and Jeans

Upper Body:

Wear Volume – Puff, Pads & Off Shoulder Tops
Dramatic Necklines
Color & Prints

More Body Shapes

Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Hourglass Body Shape
Circle Body Shape
Rectangle Body Shape

Have questions about your body shape and how to style it? Please ask in the comments below…we’re happy to help!

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4 thoughts on “How To Dress A Triangle Body Shape

    1. Great question! If you are a pear shape (or triangle as I refer to it), you will want to make sure that you achieve balance with your look, This can be done by wearing a top that will add a little bit of volume and in turn give you nice proportions. I like to look for one that covers up the crotch area (sorry to use that word) and at least a good portion of the butt. Try and pick a pair that are darker in color and consider pairing them with a lighter top. For some more styling ideas, you should watch the video that I did styling leggings 5 different ways…it’s a really good one. I have also written a blog post about styling leggings ( Hope this helps! Erin xo

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