Busbee Beauty Buzz – 6 Haircare Tips & Tricks + Our Favorites!

Haircare Tips & Favorites

Team Busbee loves to share resources with this incredible, dynamic community on everything from our favorite sale finds to wellness practices. In this post, we’re sharing…our favorite haircare tips and products! Each member of our team has very different hair so we thought it would be fun to share what works best for us. Keep scrolling for our holy-grail products and hair tips we live by…

If you’re looking for even more beauty tips, Erin shares over 30 in this post…it’s a must-read!

Haircare Tips & Favorites

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What’s your #1 hair product or tip? Please share in the comments below…don’t keep that to yourself!

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Joy - Wavy Hair

After the birth of one of my kiddos, my hair texture went from straight to wavy and I had no idea what products to use. Enter Sebastian Whipped Cream! It's a cream curl styler that leaves my hair feeling soft (not crunchy like other mousse products), hydrated (not dry also like other mousse products), and shiny (you guessed it! not dull like other mouse products hah!). My tip for wavy/curly hair ladies, is if your second-day hair feels a bit on the dry side and it looks like the definition is gone, my tip is to use Pattern's Hydrating Hair Mist. It is a game-changer for me! I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it.
Best Cream Curl Styler
2nd-Day Hair Must-Have

Denise – Fine, Frizzy & Chemically Treated Hair

I have extremely fine, frizzy, chemically treated hair so I am really picky about the products I use. The Oribe Gold Lust line is gentle and nourishing for my damaged hair. It feels luxurious, smells lovely, and is formulated without sulfates which is important for me in maintaining my keratin treatments. My tip...Sleeping on a silk pillowcase! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps me protect my fragile hair from breakage overnight. As an added benefit, I love how cool it is on my face as I sleep.
Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner
Team Favorite!

Susan – Dry, Wavy, & Color Treated Hair

I have 2 favorites that work together as a duo! My hair is very dry, naturally wavy, and color-treated. So, I like using products that help create shine and tame the frizzies without weighing down my hair. I also try not to wash my hair more than 2x per week. My favorite product for bringing 2-day hair or frizzy hair back to life is WOW One-Minute Transformation. You can use it on dry or partially wet hair. I just rub a small amount together in my hands, comb it through my ends with my fingers, and then add some heat with my blow dryer to smooth it out. Works like a charm! Which brings me to my second favorite... This round blow-dryer brush adds so much body and bounce and smooths as it dries! My hair tip...I started using Vital Proteins collagen in my coffee about 2 years ago and wow it really makes with my hair growth and shine. It doesn't have any flavor or taste and has 18 grams of protein per serving, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. As a bonus, I've also noticed improvements in my skin and nails too. I've tried a few other collagen powders, but this one does the trick for me!
Frizz Tamer
Can’t Live Without It!
Yes, Collagen Powder Works!

Alissa – Fine Hair

I have super fine hair, so I'm all about adding volume in any way I can. I love using the Living Proof Dry Shampoo to add extra volume and extend the time between washes. My trick for getting the maximum effect is giving my freshly blow-dried hair a quick blast of it on each side near my part. It adds instant volume and keeps greasiness at bay from the start. My tip, and another way I love to get an added boost of volume is putting the top portion of my hair in rollers immediately after blow-drying. I keep my hair in the rollers while I do my make-up, which keeps my hair out of my face and allows just enough time for my hair to set. It provides the volume of a blowout with minimal effort (and no skill required)!
Must-Have Multitasker
Easy Self-Grip Rollers

Rachel – Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair that I have recently been embracing and working to better care for. While I do still love straightening my hair on occasion, I've found that the curl line from Verb has made such a difference in styling my natural curls. I love the Curl Enhancing Deep Definition Set, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and curl foaming gel. It leaves my hair feeling fresh, moisturized, and it smells amazing! Verb also has an amazing weightless hair oil that is perfect for all hair types. I use this one however I style my hair to add shine, and tame the frizz! A little goes a long way with this miracle oil!
Embrace the Natural Curls!
Miracle Oil

Kaitlyn – Straight, Fine, Thick Hair

I have two favorites that are game-changers for anyone with super fine hair! I don’t always dry my hair (see why in my tip below), but when I do, I use this thickening treatment to really plump it up and give it a ton of volume and texture. You can spray it directly into your hair, but I prefer to spray it on my hands first and then rub it throughout my hair. A little goes a long way and it’s best if put in damp hair (I usually leave my hair in a towel to dry for at least 20 minutes first). Using too much will make your hair feel heavy and greasy. The second product I use when I really want to take the volume up a notch is texture spray. You can use it on your natural blow-dried hair, but I like to use it when I curl my hair to add some drama. It gives me even more volume and that natural, effortless “it-took-me-5-minutes-to-get-ready” look. My biggest tip for the most healthy-looking hair is to avoid unnecessary heat! I wash my hair 2 times a week and blowdry it only once a week (if I have weekend plans). Giving your hair a break from heat helps you avoid so much damage!
Plump It Up!
For Extra, Effortless Texture
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  1. Hello❤️absolutely agree with the collagens, I check the label and buy the one on sale- “vital proteins” is really awesome.
    Hydration is key -drinking water every hour, and I use Biolage conditioning products for my fine hair. I’ll add a hydration mist for 2nd day hair; additionally I enjoy the shine, feel, and scent of Biosilk for a finishing product. Most importantly, beauty starts from the love from within. 😘

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